Asinine Rhyme

My brain is in a box, sitting in the attic in my skull.

The box is closed so the sludge doesn’t leak out.

If the box is closed though, how do the rainbows come out?

When the box is closed, the world is dull.

Just one more distraction. Just an hour of time.

To not get the word on the page. To write this asinine rhyme.

Quarantine; Florida style

It is widely known that against medical advice, our governor in the “sunshine state” has decided not to issue stay-at-home orders. However, most “non-essential” businesses are closed, there are limited amounts of food in the stores, and drive-thru restaurants are our lifesavers. Our hospitals are severely overcrowded, our “essential” employees are working overtime, and our parents are homeschooling. Rest assured people, we are feeling the effects.

There are pictures all over social media and on the news of people crowding the beaches despite their closures and the “ten or less per group” rule. Florida citizens are getting ridiculed for this even though common sense would tell you it’s largely tourist commiting the atrocities. Hello Covid, it’s still spring break in Florida, just ask our governor. I believe that once spring break is over that it will finally be decided to close the state now that the biggest tourist season of the year is over of course.

When it comes to my household, I would like to say not much has changed, but that is a lie. Actually, eating normally is becoming an issue here. The stores don’t have enough on the shelves to combine to get a meal. Fast food is so unhealthy and boring after a while. Other than that, one kid is home that would normally be in school and the two people that work are getting overtime. We are all introverts and don’t socialize much as it is, so we didn’t lose anything there.

All in all, even though we weren’t told to, most of Florida has mandated our own stay-at-home order.

How are you guys spending this time? How do you feel about the stay-at-home orders? Thank you all! Please feel free to comment and stop by to follow me, I’ll return the favor.

My writing challenges

As writers, most of us will face many challenges when it comes to our writing. One of my biggest issues is writers block. I can’t seem to get started, or I start on planning and lose interest before finishing. I have a ton of ideas but none of them seem good enough to fully develop into anything substantial.

Another challenge I have as a writer is grammar. Even though I know I have stories to tell I am not confident in my ability to tell them with correct grammar. I am however committed to learning and growing my abilities as a writer. I have started using Grammarly which has proven to be very helpful in not only correcting mistakes, but in teaching me what to look for.

Perhaps the worst habit I have as a writer is not writing. Procrastination is the worst enemy of the writer. I have made it a personal challenge to write something every day even if it is just a blog entry about my day. You will be surprised how much a free-write session can help you past many issues as a writer.

As always, if anyone has any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below.

3.27.20 What am I reading?

Ever since I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls back in the day, I have always read two books at a time, just like the main character Rory. I tend to get bored with one book and end up not finishing it. This way if I get bored with one, I can simply read the other one and vice versa. I like to read one fiction, and one non-fiction.

The non-fiction book I am reading right now is Judy Garland by David Shipman. So far it is very informative, which is what it meant to be, but it is kind of lacking on the entertainment side. The author tends to go deeply into the detail of the price of the films she is making, when I just want to hear about her life.

The fiction book I am reading is Immortal; Love stories with a bite edited by P.C. Cast and featuring many authors such as Rachel Caine, Kristin Cast, Richelle Mead to name a few. This is a book of short stories by some of our most loved young adult authors. The stories are all based on immortals finding love. The first story in it was well written and with great imagination. I didn’t really know what was going to happen until the end and that is unusual for me, I normally pick up on situation way before the ending. So far, so good as they say.

I am focusing on short stories right now because that is what I would like to write. I am working on building up my portfolio and my blog. Thank you to anyone who is reading, I appreciate any feedback anyone would like to provide.

Don’t lose your head, over head

The hatred ran through her, she could feel the heat of it radiating off of her skin. She had proof, she had suspected for a long time, but now she knew for sure. She could always count on the little one to help her out. He was a sneaky fuck, but his admiration of her made him eager to be her little spy. Thanks to him she had what she needed, actual video proof.

A normal woman would cry at what she witnessed on that video, but not her, she was past that, she wanted blood. She wanted them to feel the way she felt looking at the video for the first time. The way it hurt to see her husband’s face between her best friends thighs. Her moaning in pleasure as he gave her what I’m sure he’s been giving her for a while now. Yes, she was beyond hurt and anger. She wanted to make them pay.

That night she told him she was going to her moms and wouldn’t be home when he returned from work. Instead of leaving she hid in the closet, he never used it and wouldn’t look there. He came home and called for her. After a quick look around, he pulled out his phone and sent a quick text, seemingly satisfied he was alone. Shortly after there was a knock at the door, and of course her best friend walked in. They didn’t waste any time, she was undressing as she closed the door behind her. He settled down on the couch and she found he place on her knees in front of him. As she pleasured him, his head rolled back on the couch rest. He gripped her hair and thrust his hips in her face, so close to cumming.

Wifey wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of nutting in the whores mouth though. Right before he came, she ran from her hiding spot in the closet, raised the machete that she had been gripping and swung down with all her might. Her ex best friend gagged on a combination of her own blood and his cum shooting in her throat. Somewhere in the middle his head sprung up and his eyes bulged as he realized what was happening. Before he could say anything, his wife took a mighty swing with his own machete and his head landed on the other side of the couch.

Should we prepare for harder times?

I’m not by any means what you would call a conspiracy theorist, but I will admit I have some reserves about the spreading of this virus. First, why are these outbreak scares always during elections? Secondly, how did an immigrant that has been detained by ICE get infected with the virus? I will admit I do believe in coincidence to a degree, but I also smell something fishy.

So, my roommate and best friend Drea is freaking out the higher the cases rise in our state. I’m trying to explain to her that there was a backlog of testing and tons of people that have been waiting for tests to become available. Therefore, the numbers of positive cases will rise very quickly once testing becomes available. This girl won’t hear it! She is ready to go to the mountains and buy a farm to live off the land. She really went and spent hundreds of dollars on gardening supplies just incase the stores run out of food. I laugh it off as her being such a ‘hippy’ as I like to call her.

As much as I want to dismiss her fears, a part of me wonders what will we do if stores run out of essentials? We are being told by our president that he expects our country to be running at full steam by Easter, but medical professionals are saying we haven’t even seen the worst yet. What if it is months or even years of people dying and being infected and ill? What if our economy really does fall apart? What happens then?

How big of a deal should we make this? Should we bide our time and relax at home as advised by the government? Or should we be stocking food and other supplies that we may need to survive without one? As I said, I don’t look for conspiracies, but from my point of view, things are getting pretty bad without a recovery in sight.